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Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome / Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
RSD and CRPS is constant, chronic pain. The best help for these horrible condition is pain management - the lessening or eliminating of pain. Of course, pain management is not pain treatment. Pain management is when the patient learns to deal with the pain and not let the pain control their life. Believe it or not, part of this can be from the bed you are using. Make sure you have a great mattress, neither too soft nor too hard.

If you've been diagnosed with RSD or CRPS and it is a result of an accident such as a slip and fall, dog bite, work related injury, etc., please contact our law firm. We specialize in representing RSD and CRPS victims throughout California. Because of our success, we have grown to 18 offices throughout the state. We have handled many RSD cases to successful conclusion against the insurance companies. We are experts at educating the insurance company, the jury, and the judge, of the RSD condition, and the incredible, devastating effects of it, and it being a lifelong condition.


A recent University of Liverpool study has reported that researchers have been able to transport antibodies from CRPS (RSD) patients to mice causing in the mice CRPS (RSD) symptoms. In other words, scientists have been able to reproduce from CRPS (RSD) patients' antibodies CRPS (RSD) symptomology in mice. This is the first time this has ever been accomplished.

Dr. Andreas Goebbel, one of the studies' authors, has stated that since CRPS is not fully understood, these findings can bear evidence that harmful serum autoantibodies could be the cause of CRPS (RSD). This could lead to the beginning of a treatment program.

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